Watch my Keynote Speech on “How to Manage Stress, Clarify Direction, and Unleash Your Own Potential” at the City of San Jose District 4 Youth Advisory Council Event, “AIM: Advise, Inspire, and Motivate” for High School Students in January 2016. (21-minute video)

“Jason Ma left the audience speechless and awe inspired as he addressed issues that most high school/college students often stress out about. As a sophomore in high school, I know that his words and wisdom have definitely helped trigger my passion and potential to bring about change and clarify issues that serve as a constant worry for my teenage mind. I am so ecstatic to see the next generation of young leaders that will inevitably shape the future under the counsel and advice of the humble and philanthropic Mr. Ma.”
—Joshua Yao, event organizer and student at Independence High School


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