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Joy. Peace. Love. Can’t be better. It’s 2am EST in Georgetown. Just finished giving my better half a quick tour of part of the campus after a late night flight arrival. Not another soul seen on this lovely campus and on the streets. So early-Christmas-day peacefully quiet and tranquil. It’s 64 degrees fahrenheit and humid, which feels more like a Honolulu night than a Northeast coastal city early winter. The last time my wife visited DC was in the 80s but not Georgetown. My big girl Sabrina, a college soph, loves her school. That’s most important.

It’s surreal we four Bay Areans, including my bubbly high school soph, are together here — you know, with a college kid 3,000 miles away. What matters to the “MAfia” (the Ma Family) are unending love, quality standards, and humor–lots of LOL MAfia-style. 🙂 Let’s “wreak havoc!” My Sabrina would joke. “Flatten the Hilltop!” My inner voice or funny fingers would add. Her bf will join us too. Family and friends. Then the Big Apple next week thru 1/1/2016 (but we’ll avoid the physical madness on Times Square on New Year’s Eve).

I wish you a safe, happy holiday season and joy, peace, and prosperity in 2016! Blessings.


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