PALO ALTO, August 14, 2015 — I had a blast delivering a 3-minute speech about the meaning of Young Leaders 3.0 to a packed room and interacting afterwards with the audience members at the Venture Capital Roundtable in Palo Alto on August 14th. This monthly by-invitation event is run by VCPE executive director Gloria Guenther (above photo: Gloria and me). The members are primarily middle-aged venture capitalists and service providers, including parents and a few grandparents.

“Gloria, you’re surrounded by all handsome men (as your members). You’re gonna fix that?” I joked with her in front of the audience, who chuckled in unison. She replied with something lighthearted. We all laughed.

In three minutes, I thanked all for being there, and talked about what I do (parent, ThreeEQ, author, and Forbes), what drove me to do what I do, including my book Young Leaders 3.0, what’s in it for the audience, a few lessons learned, the frameworks in the book and in my private practice, a do and a don’t, and a call to action. It was both a satisfying contribution to an enthused crowd and a good practice in pithy speech delivery with presence and compassion. I recommend to anyone to practice often in giving short speeches.

“You’ve got to come and speak at length in our next meeting!” Gloria asked, wrapping up the event. During the VC Roundtable meeting dates for the next three months, I’m precommitted to trips to Israel, NYC, and EU. I replied: “Let’s do Friday, December 11th.” Until then, thanks, Gloria!


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