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Why Mentoring?

One of my core beliefs is that becoming a leader and rising as one require pragmatic EQ—emotional, social, and leadership intelligence. The good news is that you can raise yours and keep honing it. 

In today’s society, many of us enjoy our share of pleasures in achievements, great relationships, growth, finding our voice and applying it constructively, boosts to our confidence and identity, and a variety of goodies personal to each of us.

But, in reality, we often experience the pain of uncertainty or fear. We feel beleaguered or overwhelmed. We may at times suffer from poor relationships or experience insignificance, disempowerment, or purposelessness. These feelings of inadequacy or despair stem from all the bad (in)decisions from false assumptions or limiting beliefs, miscommunications, misdirection, tangible or opportunity losses, subpar skills or strategies, ineffective execution, lack of guidance or preparation, and failures.

That said, I believe that quality mentors, coaches, and cheerleaders can positively influence the minds of both young and older people. As we progress through the phases in our lives, it is wise to garner support from them. They may be professional mentors or coaches, parents, professors, teachers, advisors, bosses, friends, peers, or even acquaintances.

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