It was my honor and gratitude to contribute as a guest speaker in Stanford University’s popular tech entrepreneurship course, Engineering 145 (E145), led by Rebeca Hwang, a leading tech business entrepreneur and Stanford lecturer. I lectured on “How to Hone the ‘OS and Apps’ of Your Entrepreneurial Mind and Soul,” followed by an audience Q&A. It was meaningful and fun to inspire, instruct, and interact with the students.

In sum, it’s wise to develop a positive and powerful psychology, a fine skill set, strategic thinking, and execution prowess. Here are some of the fourteen actionable tips and guiding principles given in my lecture:

  • Compete with your own potential
  • Become a decent strategist but more important, a great executer
  • Hang with winners. Set up or tune up a support system. Apply the power of proximity.
  • Be sincere, responsive, thorough.
  • Hone resourcefulness, creativity, open-mindedness
  • Build tenacity, resilience, perseverance
  • Learn continuously. Be coachable.
  • Engage, connect, hunt, contribute, and grow (fulfillment) . . . with doses of humility, forgiveness, and compassion
  • Debrief, reflect, and finetune often
  • Implement a physical fitness program. Breathe! (Oxygen I-O).

By the way, if you believe I can help your organization by speaking there, please go to

“Mr. Ma was kind to address a room full of overachieving Stanford students with a relatable and actionable presentation. His talk included colorful personal anecdotes and a good sense of humor. The instructors and the students were inspired and very grateful for his contribution.”
—Rebeca Hwang, Lecturer, Stanford University, and Managing Partner, Rivet Ventures; Parent


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