CollegeXpress, June 2015 — I always encourage young people–little ones, teenagers, and young adults–to develop a strong reading habit. A little bit of my perspective is captured in the CollegeXpress article “Reading: You’re Doing It Wrong” by Excerpts as follows:

  • Read widely. The more you read, the better. “Nothing beats reading a lot, especially nonfiction,” says Jason Ma, author of Young Leaders 3.0: Stories, Insights, and Tips for Next-Generation Achievers. “Good fiction with fine writing is valuable too.”
  • Learn to skim. Sometimes it’s important to read every word and each sentence of the material at hand. But often you can skim over less important material, leaving more time to concentrate on the most important info.
  • Read aloud. Another strategy, especially when it comes to retaining written material, is reading out loud. “Read aloud to yourself sometimes,” Ma says. “You may find your two ears listening to your mouth helpful.”



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